Can I get help with my academic work?

The Bridge

The Bridge, located above Adsetts Cafe, provides a range of skills support.

Academic skills Language advisory service Maths Help

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The Academic Skills service supports all aspects of study skills development, from understanding assessment criteria and structuring your work, to being critical, writing a literature review or preparing exams and managing your time.

The University English Scheme (UES) offers weekly, bookable non-credit classes, free of charge, to help you improve your English.

Alternatively, our one-to-one support sessions provide the chance to speak with a UES tutor privately.

Do you need help with any maths or statistics? If you have any maths or statistics problem, big or small don't struggle on your own, drop in for some expert help

Our web based Skills for Learning tutorials can help you develop the academic skills that you will need for your course. Work through them at your own pace, as many times as you like. Subject include:

  • Self organisation
  • Writing
  • Group work
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