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Social media is a constantly evolving landscape of tools and functionality that affects the way that most of us live, learn and work. Regardless of how you currently use (or don't use) it, as a student and developing professional, you must understand how social media can impact on your learning, your future professional identity and your employability.

This collection of resources is designed to help you take as much control as possible of social media and your digital identity, and to find out how to use it to support your studies and improve your employability.

If you would like to contribute to developing these resources with your own ideas, examples and advice, or you have requests for ones you'd like to see developed, please get in touch with

There may be particular things you need to be aware of in your subject area, for example: Health professions will have particular guidance for how you should present yourself personally and professionally; in Media, social media is likely to be a vital tool to your success. Talk to your tutors to find out more.

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