Register for Support

Should I register?

A lot of support is available without the need to register - try these:

  • Big White Wall - Free, confidential access (paid for by Uni) to a wealth of online resources - articles, message boards, online course, self-diagnostic tests.
  • Self-help resources- links to help, apps, information and downloadable resources for a range of issues and situations, selected by our Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Group sessions- friendly small group sessions where you don't have to share any information, led by a Wellbeing Practitioner talking through different situations and ways of managing/coping

  • How do I register?

    Register for support here

    The form takes only a few minutes and asks a set of standard questions about your welfare and the support you are looking for. Please note you cannot register on someone else’s behalf but if you are concerned about another student, please contact us.

If I register, what happens next?

  1. You will be offered the opportunity to book either a Contact appointment (20 minutes, usually delivered by phone) or a Wellbeing Support Appointment (50 minutes, usually in person). Both of these options would be with one of our Wellbeing Practitioners.
  2. You will be sent a link by email to your university email address following your registration. You need to follow the link to book the appointment yourself. You may need to be persistent to find an available appointment. If you're still having difficulty then please contact us.

The system only shows appointments for the next two weeks. Sometimes at busy times, all appointments will appear as booked, but new appointments are put on all the time, so if you can't find one please try again at different times.

What support does Student Wellbeing offer?

We may offer a range of different types of support depending on your needs. For more information about any of them, follow the links below:

Our services are confidential, delivered at both campuses and we have qualified practitioners from different backgrounds for specific requirements.

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