Web Information for Students on the autism spectrum

Web Information for students on the autism spectrum

Please note that whilst we hope that all of the resources below are useful, the Student Wellbeing Service does not endorse the opinions expressed by other parties.

Activities and Groups

At Sheffield Hallam University

Gardening for Wellbeing and other outdoor/active groups

Monday Club for autistic adults  

You can either volunteer at Monday Club or go along as a participant.

The Social for autistic students

Regular alcohol-free gatherings for any student who identifies as being on the autism spectrum. You don’t need to sign up – you can just come along whenever you want to.

Societies at the Students’ Union


Below is a template email that you can use to contact the people who run societies you’re interested in joining:


My name is <YOUR NAME>. I am interested in joining <NAME OF SOCIETY OR CLUB>. Please can you tell me the following information?

  • When the society meets
  • Where the society meets
  • How often the society meets

<OPTIONAL: DELETE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION> I am on the autism spectrum, so I might need help with the following things when I join your society: ADD WHAT YOU MIGHT NEED SUPPORT WITH.

Please can I come to your next session to see what it is like before I join?

Thank you



The Students’ Union offers lots of volunteering opportunities.

Other Places

The Sheffield Autistic Society

This society lists many groups for autistic people in Sheffield. These include a ‘no social pressure’ group, a photography group, and a snooker group.  


Calm: Meditation and wellbeing 

Habitica: Gamify your tasks

Hold: Block phone use and earn points to collect rewards

Study Apps

Trello: Organise and prioritise

Careers and Jobs

Applying for jobs and interview preparation (sign in using your university log on details)

Information from the Careers and Employability Service


If you think you might be autistic and would like to seek a professional diagnosis you need to speak to your general practitioner (GP) at the doctors’ where you are registered. The National Autistic Society has a website with useful information about being diagnosed.

Finding Your Way Around


The Accessable website contains many images of the university and lots of other information about its buildings and facilities.

Lifts in the Owen Building

The main lifts in the Owen building work differently to other lifts. This is because you need to choose the floor you want to get to using a touch screen before you get into the lift. The system then tells you which lift to get in to get to that floor.

The areas outside the lifts can get very busy at certain times when students are finding their way to teaching sessions. If you find navigating crowds difficult it might be a good idea to use the lifts at times when there aren’t class changes (for example at 9.45am rather than just before 10am. Lots of teaching sessions start on the hour).


Below: A photo of the lift waiting area on level 5 of the Owen building. Each lift is numbered from six to nine. The numbers are above each lift.


Awaiting Photo


Below: A photo of a touch screen


Awaiting Photo


How to use the lifts

  • On the touch screen press the number of the floor you want to go to.
  • The number of the lift you need to use will appear at the top of the touch screen.
  • Wait for the numbered lift.
  • When the numbered lift arrives, get in.
  • The lift will automatically take you to your floor. It might also stop at some other floors.

Map of City Campus

Map of Collegiate Campus

Room numbering system

A helpful guide to the room numbers at the university.

Weekly tours of the university

The language on the sign-up form for the weekly tours is aimed at people who are thinking about studying at the university. However current students can attend too. On the form, if there is a question that asks when you want to start your course, just select the academic year that it is now.


Easy read guide to everyday banking

This guide is written in very plain language. It has been designed so that a lot of people can understand it.  

Extra financial help

National Autistic Society Managing Money

Online Communities

#actuallyautistic on Twitter

Wrong Planet

‘Wrong Planet is the web community designed for individuals (and parents / professionals of those) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences.’

Quiet Spaces

For relaxation

Quiet Room, Multifaith Space, Level 2 Owen Building

Contains comfortable seating; 5 comfy chairs, space for one wheelchair, space dividing screens, and distraction/creative activities. Open access. If it looks like the room is busy there are still likely to be seats free.


Below is a photo of the Quiet Room


Awaiting Photo


For study

List of areas in the libraries including silent and quiet study areas.

Support at University

Disabled Student Support – support for your learning, teaching, and assessment.

Peer Mentoring – get help with settling in by being mentored by a student with experience of the university.

Practical Support – support with, for example, creating routines, planning routes, finding social activities, using online tools and apps, and goal setting.

The Skills Centre – help with academic skills

Student Support Adviser – an adviser who is linked to your course

Student Wellbeing – supporting your wellbeing








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