Mobile and off-campus access

You can connect to your University account from any PC, Mac or mobile device.

You can access your Blackboard sites, and read and contribute to discussion boards from your tablet or mobile device via Blackboard Mobile Learn.

SHUgo is the campus app that brings SHU to smartphones and mobile devices.

You can get grades but not feedback, which you still need to access on the web version of Blackboard

How to add your timetable to the 'my schedule' module in SHUgo.

How to set your mobile devices up on the email system.

Get more out of the maps module on SHUgo.

Staff, students and guests can connect to the wifi network via a range of devices...

Your website is initially only visible to users inside SHU. Please follow these steps in order to make your your site visible to users outside of SHU.

How to access the SHU drives on a Mac. These include HomeDrive and other shared drives.