Learning and assessment

How to access your timetable and what to do if there is a problem.

How to add your timetable to the 'my schedule' module in SHUgo.

You can get grades but not feedback, which you still need to access on shuspace

Depending on your course, you may have to choose your modules on paper or via my Student Record. Here's a quick guide to the process...

What's available at our study skills hub, The Bridge.

Guidance for students and proofreaders.

If you are experiencing difficulties which are having a significant impact on your ability to complete your assessments you may want to consider submitting a request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA).

When and how to request an extension for coursework submission deadlines.

Work submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and will be treated as non-submission.

What to do if your tutor / lecturer doesn't turn up for a meeting / lecture.

Regardless of how you currently use (or don't use) it, as a student and developing professional, you must understand how social media can impact on your learning, your future professional identity and your employability.

If it has been determined that you have engaged in academic misconduct, it's important that you understand the sanction and the impact, and that you seek advice and guidance to ensure that you learn from your experience to avoid any issues in the future.

A list of the dates the Extenuating Circumstances panels sit.

Google apps offer a range of easy to use tools to aid teaching and learning. Here's a brief guide to what we offer at SHU.