Your health and safety responsibilities

Your safety is really important to us, but you also have a part to play in making SHU a safe place to learn and have fun! All we ask is that you consider any risks to your own safety and anyone else who might be affected by what you do whilst at SHU.

Irresponsible or unsafe behaviour is totally unacceptable and will be treated as a disciplinary matter, so do yourself a favour and take ten minutes to browse the information below.

For further details, please refer to the University Health and Safety policy, which outlines the formal arrangements for the management of health and safety at Sheffield Hallam University.

Do your bit - your responsibilities
  • Cooperate with us on health and safety stuff
  • Inform your tutor if you have any safety-related concerns, or even ideas
  • Act responsibly and treat the university and other people with respect
Take a break!
Take a break

Did you know a major cause of long-term serious injury is the prolonged use of computers, laptops and mobile phones?

Taking a short break every 20-30 minutes significantly reduces the risk. Do it!

Had an accident?

....make sure you report it!

Report any accidents to your tutor or a staff member - it may seem trivial to you but it only takes minutes and can help us prevent it happening again.

Speak to any receptionist or your tutor or technician and they'll help you report it.

Fire safety

The University expects you to:

  • cooperate with fire safety arrangements (completing inductions / evacuating buildings promptly)
  • make proper use of fire safety equipment (fire alarms, etc.)
  • report any incidents/concerns regarding fire safety, hazards or risks.
Student-run events

Planning an exhibition, art installation or event in the University?

Make sure everything goes smoothly by completing the Event Impact Assessment form