Reading for Wellbeing

Why read for wellbeing?

Reading can benefit your wellbeing in many ways

  • There is a wide range of information and practical support strategies that you can read about
  • Reading about the experiences of others can be affirming, supportive and informative
  • Reading can be fun, relaxing, exciting

If you're not familiar with the range of library services at SHU there are some helpful introduction videos here.

Reading List Online

We have a Student Wellbeing Reading List Online This has been collated by a combination of Wellbeing practitioners and Librarians to offer helpful books about a range of issues and situations relevant to wellbeing. You can see the headings by going to 'Contents' (top-left) or alternatively, you can use the table here to see some of the subject areas.

Wellbeing Topic
Being Active and Keeping Fit
Confidence and Self-Esteem
Alcohol and Drugs
Eating Disorders and Body Image
Anxiety and Stress
Personality Disorders

Wellbeing Collection

An alternative collection of wellbeing books is the Wellbeing Collection This smaller selection of books is easier to browse.

Comic Collection

For those who like more pictures with their reading - the library holds a Comic Collection - A selection of comics and graphic novels that relate to wellbeing.

The library have recently bought a good selection of books from these lists: