What is an Academic Conduct Panel?

An Academic Conduct Panel (ACP) makes decisions arising from investigations into allegations of student academic misconduct or severe academic misconduct. ACPs comprise at least two members of academic staff. Neither of the panel members will have had any involvement in your assessment(s) under investigation.

Also in attendance will be a member of academic staff ("the Presenter") who will present the allegation and the evidence, which you will have received prior to the meeting. A member of staff from Registry Services will act as Secretary. You can bring someone with you to support you during the meeting such as a friend, family member, a support worker or member of staff from the Students' Union Advice Service.

The purpose of this meeting is to investigate an allegation of academic misconduct and for you to present your version of events surrounding the time you were preparing your work.

If you are unable to attend on the date given, you should contact the meeting request sender to ask for an alternative date. If you are still unable to attend on an alternative date, you may submit a written statement instead and provide any evidence of mitigating circumstances (if you wish to do so). This must be done within 2 working days before the meeting date.

If the allegation is upheld by the Panel, a sanction will be set which may impact on module marks and in some cases, progression on your course. Sanctions can range from a warning, to referral, to failing a module or even being withdrawn from the course of study. You will be informed of the outcome within 5 working days of the Panel meeting. The Academic Conduct Regulation provides further details. .

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