What is a sanction?

Should an allegation that you have breached the Academic Conduct Regulation be upheld, the Academic Conduct Panel (ACP) or Cheating Allegation Panel (CAP) will decide on a suitable sanction. There are five possible sanctions which could be issued:

  1. A formal warning
  2. Refer in the assessment tasks concerned
  3. Refer in all assessment tasks in the module concerned
  4. Refer in all assessment tasks in the module concerned, and a capped mark applied to all other modules in the level
  5. Fail in the module(s) concerned, with no reassessment, retake, replacement or substitution allowed.

If you are already referred in the module or re-taking a module in the next academic year, a sanction may result in you being unable to progress on your course and could even result in the University withdrawing you from your course of study.

A record of the misconduct will also be kept on your file for the duration of the course of study and may have consequences for further study or employment.

If you feel you have grounds for appeal against a sanction set, you should refer to the Academic Appeals Policy and ProcedureThe Students' Union Advice Service can support you with this process.

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