What is a Cheating Allegation Panel?

Cheating Allegation Panels (CAPs) review allegations regarding cheating in examinations. CAPs are held following an examination period and will comprise the Dean of Students (or nominee) and the Students' Union Education Officer (or nominee).

Most allegations regarding cheating in an examination will be reported by an examination invigilator. The University Examination Service (UES) will review all submitted reports and make an initial decision as to whether to proceed with an investigation.

You will be notified of the allegation and give the opportunity to respond and provide any evidence of mitigating circumstances. You will have 5 working days to submit a response.

The CAP will then review all allegations and responses and make a decision on the basis of this information. You will not be required to attend this meeting, therefore it is important that you provide a written response to the allegation.

You will be notified of the outcome from the CAP in writing (including any applicable sanctions), and your student record updated accordingly.

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