My University email

The student email system at SHU is Google's Gmail. Help with creating and sending email can be found on Google's support pages.
Need some help understanding your SHU email address? Have a look at our guide here

Accessing your Gmail for the first time

  • Login to MyHallam and click on the Email - go to Inbox link in your Dashboard
  • You will then be presented with a setup page
  • Enter the characters you see in the box; if you can’t make out the characters, try refreshing the page or refer to the accessibility assistance
  • Click to accept the terms and conditions
  • You will then be taken to your new SHU mailbox

You can also access your mail direct via


When you open an email attachment it is important that you save the file if you want to work on it. If you open the file from the email and work on it without saving, any changes will be lost.

Gmail storage

All students have unlimited storage through their Google account. This covers everything in Gmail and Google Drive as well as Google+ photos.

Find out more about storage.

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