What is compensation in a module?

Compensation is normally applied after reassessment if you have not passed all of your modules at the end of each complete level (minimum 120 credits). If you achieve the profile for compensation (Regulation 7), any compensated modules will be changed to a grade of CP (Compensated Pass) and your results transcript will show credit in the module. A Compensated Pass will also be displayed on the final transcript issued with your certificate.

The profile for compensation which allows you to progress from one complete level to the next or to exit with an award is that you:

  • achieve 40% or more on the complete level overall, including failed modules AND
  • make a valid attempt at all assessment tasks AND
  • achieve 30% or more in each failed module up to a maximum of 20 credits.

If you are leaving or completing your course, you can request compensation to be applied before you undertake reassessment to avoid a delay in achieving your award. Please refer to the guidance notes explaining what you need to do before completing the attached proforma.

Before making your decision please refer to the following:

If you require any further information or advice, please contact your Faculty Helpdesk.

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