What if I have been deferred?

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A deferral is where you have extenuating circumstances and your request to repeat an assessment attempt has been accepted. You have the opportunity to take the assessment task that was affected by the circumstances as if for the first time, i.e. your mark will not be capped. A deferral will only be given where you have not passed the module.

If your deferral is in an exam task, you will normally be required to be reassessed during the refer/defer exam period in July. However, some modules may require you to be reassessed outside of this period. Your Faculty Office will be able to provide this information.

The examination schedule is normally available by late June via your Timetables channel on the My SHU tab. It is important that you confirm the dates, times and venues of your referred/deferred examinations as soon as the timetable becomes available, so that if you have any difficulties in obtaining the information there is time to ensure that you have all the details well in advance of your examinations.

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