What is Poor Academic Practice?

Poor academic practice may arise from a lack of understanding of how to produce a piece of academic work or to sit an examination. As a student who is new to the university or new to studying in Higher Education, you may be unfamiliar with how to present your work and in doing so, may make mistakes which need to be addressed.  For example, you may submit work without properly acknowledging the source of words, ideas and diagrams in your work, without attributing the appropriate levels of collaboration with another student, or you may not be aware of how you should behave in an examination.

The errors you have made are likely to have been through carelessness or inexperience rather than intending to deceive. We acknowledge that students may need time to adjust and understand our expectations, requirements and values. If an allegation of poor academic practice is made against you, you will be invited to an Academic Concern Meeting to discuss the allegation. If it is upheld, you will be given a Notice to Improve and advised to develop the necessary academic skills. You can only receive one Notice to Improve during your time at Sheffield Hallam. 

Any other future concerns regarding your academic conduct will be considered as suspected academic misconduct, and the prior issue of a Notice to Improve will be taken into consideration by the Academic Conduct Panel.